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If your tooth is only damaged above your gums, Dr. Cui can cap the tooth with a dental crown. She will insert a natural-colored dental filling into the area to correct and prevent further damage from spreading in the tooth. Then she’ll use a dental crown to literally put a cap on surface destruction. Crowns serve as a new surface for your tooth. It will protect the natural tooth and filling, and your crown will prevent your recently reconstructed tooth from being affected by normal functions throughout the day.

Dr. Cui uses crowns to:

  • repair a broken tooth.
  • provide strength to your tooth.
  • replace fillings.
  • support dental bridges.

Bridges provided by Dr. Cui can make your smile whole again.

For a permanent fix to the gap in your grin, dental bridges are available at Dr. Cui’s office. Bridges are false teeth that are made for holes formed by up to three missing teeth, and the bridge is anchored to existing, healthy teeth that lie on either side of the absence. If the adjacent teeth aren’t strong enough to support a bridge, dental implants may be suggested. Dr. Cui will take a note of the color and shape of your teeth to order a crown that is made to blend into your existing smile for a great, natural look. We’re confident that the restorative dentistry we have will help you smile confidently again.

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