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Dental implants are titanium posts implanted in the jaw bone to create a firm, solid foundation for a customized ceramic crown. More specifically, the post is placed into the missing tooth’s socket, so that the new crown will create the perfect, undamaged look you’re searching for.

When spaces in your mouth are left to their own devices, they harbor unwanted things like bacteria and debris that can facilitate worse problems. The other teeth along the gums of the space will eventually shift to fill the gap over time, which can even lead to TMJ pain and grinding.

Dental implants can also be created to attach a partial denture or bridge if your actual teeth aren’t strong enough to support the device. Dr. Cui’s dental implants will lessen the chances of awkward social moments like slipping or sliding that can be created if your partial denture or bridge isn’t anchored firmly enough. Successfully secured false teeth will also reduce your slurring during normal speech.

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