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The shape of your face can change without the necessary support your teeth provide. Facial muscles will droop and sag inward if your jaw lacks the natural barrier created by your teeth. Dentures and partial dentures are and excellent substitute for your teeth, because experiencing tooth loss is stressful enough. Prevent side effects as fully as possible by contacting Dr. Cui’s office today.

Ill-fitting dentures and partial dentures are a thing of the past. Many patients approach us with concerns that dentures or partial dentures will not be able to fit snugly enough to their gum line to provide the support they’re looking for, but this isn’t the case. Today’s dentures are designed well enough to fit your jaw and your diet. As the shape of your mouth changes over the years, Dr. Cui’s office can refit you for dentures every time you need it.

Full dentures are good options for patients who have lost or are in danger of losing all of their teeth in the upper gums, lower, or both rows. They’re removable and easy to clean by using a toothbrush and then soaking them overnight in a glass of water. Partial dentures from Dr. Cui’s office are also removable and clip to teeth on either side of the space created by the missing tooth. This option is available for those that have lost one or more teeth and have teeth strong enough to support the partial. Partial dentures are oftentimes a better option than a bridge because it’s easy to remove and clean.

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