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Teeth Whitening

White teeth aren’t only for movie stars.

Stained teeth can be embarrassing, but they’re also a fact of life. If you drink coffee, red wine, or carbonated beverages, it’s almost a guarantee that it will darken the natural color of your enamel. Nobody wants to go through life hiding their smile from the world, but over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments can’t produce optimum results.

Getting a whiter, brighter smile just became easier at the office of Dr. Cui. Patients have the choice between two highly effective whitening systems, Zoom! Whitening by Phillips and KöR Whitening. Both products are clinically shown to whiten smiles with minimal side effects. Our San Francisco office will provide you with the materials and service you need to maximize your whitening results.

Gain a whiter grin with Zoom! whitening.

Made by Philips, this new technology can whiten teeth quickly and effectively. This system was created to keep your enamel safe and to lessen the chances of negative side effects that are associated with older teeth whitening systems. You can only obtain the Zoom! whitening results by scheduling an appointment at your local San Francisco office today.

KöR Whitening will brighten your smile

KöR Whitening was developed to create fast, safe results in patients who want a perfect smile without the pain that accompanies traditional bleaching techniques. Over the years, food and bacteria particles work their way deep into layers of teeth, making it almost impossible to correct without professional help. This method targets marks deep within the enamel of a tooth, not just on the surface, to lift stains that other solutions can’t.

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