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Many people are stressed in their day-to-day lives and unfortunately stress can take the form of many negative physical side effects. One of these side effects can be bruxism, the unconscious clenching and grinding of teeth, usually at night. This can cause severe headaches and migraines, damage to teeth, and temporomandibular dysfunction. Dr. Cui offers the NTI-tss to prevent and counteract the grinding of your teeth with TMJ therapy in her preventive dentistry office.

What’s an NTI-tss?

NTI stands for the Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition. A nociceptor is the ending of a nerve that is responsible for sensing and responding when your body is harmed. The trigeminal nerve is named so because there are three sensory partitions in your neck and face. The ‘tss’ stands for ‘tension suppression system’. Dr. Cui’s office has NTI-tss appliances ready to correct your bite and protect your mouth. Most patients that used this device experienced immediate headache relief.

NTI-tss is an effective form of TMJ therapy provided by Dr. Cui. The NTI-tss is a mouthpiece that’s constructed out of acrylic, will be customized to fit your mouth, and you’ll wear it while you sleep. The NTI-tss is designed to reduce your body’s unconscious desire to clench by disrupting the signals between your temporal muscles and jaw bone. It’s more effective than other anti-bruxism devices because the NTI-tss features a snap-in fit that prevents it from being displaced throughout the night. Children cannot wear the device, but their primary teeth can be protected by a special piece if necessary.

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